Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan


 The faculty of Information Technology aims at becoming one of the most distinguished faculties at the Applied Science University through educational excellence, scientific research and enhancement of scientific knowledge and through contributions to the local community. The Faculty of Information Technology prepares professionals in the different disciplines of information technology through undergraduate programs such as Computer Science, Software Engineering, Computer Networks Systems, and Computer Information Systems. 

The Faculty of Information Technology at the ASU aims also to provide its students with all knowledge and skills needed to enable them to practice significant profession and to grant them with a distinguished position amongst the other gradates, not just from the Jordanian universities, but worldwide.


These aims are fulfilled by:

 1. Recruiting distinguished and skilled faculty members capable to contribute to teaching and research efforts and meet international standards of Quality Assurance.

2. Enabling the students to acquire scientific knowledge up to the highest standards set by the fine international universities.

3. Adopting well balanced syllabuses and high quality international text books that match those offered by comparable faculties worldwide.

4. Endorsing innovative teaching methodologies that motivate students to develop creative thinking.

5. Specifying and enforcing course objectives to ensure that those objectives are realistically achieved by students.

6. Finally, the teaching process is assessed, following each semester, through a feedback process in the form of point scale questions. This will help to improve the process and diagnose any problems or issues, students may have.



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