Discounts up to 100% for Programmers

FIT Motivation Program and the Annual Scholarships Policies
1.Test will be held at the beginning of each semester to determine the value of the granted discount
2. Successful Tawjihi Students of IT or Scientific Streams whether registered already in other universities or not, may sit for this test without any commitment to register or not at ASU.
3. ASU students may also sit for the test if and only if they are fairly new, that is did not register for two regular semesters yet.
4.Test results will be known within 24 hours of the test
5.You must register for the test through the website http://MPAS.asu.edu.jo to be allowed in, having in mind that the registration is free.
6.  You may view samples of the test questions at هنا
7.  You may use any of the following questions to answer the test
a.     V Basic
b.    C++
c.     Java
d.    Quick Basic

8.Test duration is three hours.
9.You must come before 15 minutes of the test for some orientation
10. You may contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any question.
The next coming test is
Thursday at 12:00 PM Feb the 27th , 2014

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