Collaboration Agreement between The Applied Science Private University and Health Care Accreditation Council Featured

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The Applied Science Private University has signed a collaboration agreement, with Health Care Accreditation Council. The agreement aims at carrying out a joint research to evaluate the impact of applying hospital accreditation standards on the safety of patients.

It contains choosing a group of health institutions accredited by the council, and another group that is not; to participate in the research project, in order to assess the effect of applying the standards on the quality of rendered services, and, consequently, on the safety of the patients. The project includes data gathering, analyzing, preparing and then publishing the research paper, whereby, the University shall be considered the principal researcher, while the Council of Accreditation shall be the research associate. 

The agreement was signed, for the University, by its President, Prof. Dr. Mahfouth Joudeh, and for the Council, by its Executive Director, Mrs. Salma Al-Jaouni.

The University President, Prof. Dr. Mahfouth Joudeh asserted that the agreement gives added emphasis, to the concept of scientific research characterized by the Applied Science Private University, and emphasizes the importance of the involvement of students in researches concerning health affairs and safety of patients.

Prof. Dr. Mahfouth Joudeh, further, stressed the need to pay more attention to joint researches, between universities and both the private and public sectors, especially those researches that are concerned with scientific research.

On her part, Mrs. Al-Jaouni confirmed that “it is necessary to provide assistance and support to various health care institutions; for them to become able to apply and keep applying the quality standards. Thereby, we contribute in locating Jordan at the forefront of the Arab World, and making it a role model in the field of quality and patient safety”.

Mrs. Al-Jaouni, also, said that “In this occasion, the Council is proud to be a partner, in such private partnerships with academic institutions, the matter that would put an imprintthat asserts the added value to the accreditation, in the health sector. Furthermore, the idea of involving the education staff, as well as the students, in adopting initiatives pertaining to quality is very important. However, the thing that is the most important is generating the data which facilitates the process of decision-making, at all medical and administrative levels, as well as policy making”.

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