Department of Computer Information Systems

Department of Computer Information Systems

pology: We do not accept new students in this department


Dr. Yousef Alqasrawi

Head of Computer Information Systems Department


In light of the continuous progress and developments in the information technology sector; computer information systems are now considered as an essential component of most fields. Thus it has become necessary to prepare a distinctive group of graduates who possess the appropriate expertise to build and develop computer information systems using the latest technologies.

In order to achieve the goal of providing specialized graduates in computer information systems; the department of Computer Information Systems was established on September of 2001 as one of the major departments of the Faculty of Information Technology.

This program qualifies students to work in several posts including:        

·     Analysis and design of computer information systems

·     Development and management of Database systems

·     Support and maintenance of Information Systems

·     Website development

·     Information Technology Project Management

·     Education and training of Information Technology


Creating an outstanding academic environment that is able to keep pace with scientific and technical developments in the technology of computer information systems.


The Department of Computer Information Systems works on preparing and training students in the field of computer information systems by enriching their knowledge and technical skills via study plans that encompass the latest technological developments. In addition, the department provides the latest teaching aids and a variety of modern laboratories.

The Department is keen on linking the theoretical and practical aspects for the majority of courses.

The Department also attracts highly distinguished faculty members and encourages them to prepare scientific research and publish their papers in scientific journals.

  • Creating an educational system that helps students to build their scientific knowledge and practical skills in the field of Computer Information Systems
  • Utilizing the latest techniques, tools and teaching aids to increase the efficiency of the educational process
  • Encouraging faculty members and students to conduct scientific research
  • Continuously updating the study plan in line with the latest developments
  • Aligning the educational outcomes with the requirements of the labor market


Dr. Yousef Alqasrawi
Head of Computer Information Systems Department


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